About Me

Hi! Welcome to my page and if you’re reading this I guess you want to know a bit more about me?

Well, I’m a resident of the beautiful Stockport Town. I’ve worked in mental health for a number of years in a few different roles and I’ve seen (and experienced!) the effect this can have on people and their families. My dream has always been to create a space that’s safe, warm and inviting for anyone to come and receive some well deserved well-being treatment.

From my experience I can honestly say that when it comes to mental, physical and emotional health, one size does NOT fit all !! I have seen many people being referred for counselling services (private or free) and after their 6 sessions they walk away just not feeling ‘fixed’. Or perhaps you have been referred for CBT and again, after your number of sessions has ended, you’re not ‘fixed’. This leads people to feeling even more vulnerable than before, and disheartened with the services they could receive to help make them feel whole again.

I have spent the past few years training and have achieved a Level 3 VTCT in Indian Head Massage, a Level 2 Reiki practitioner award and I am qualified to give Hopi Ear Candling Treatment. Alongside this I am currently still a student in Clinical Reflexology - a level 5 qualification which will be complete by September 2020 and I am studying for my Masters Degree at Salford University in Counselling and Psychotherapy which will be complete by summer 2021.

My vision, my dream is to be able to offer a whole package

...or some parts of the package - to everyone depending on what they need or want. What do I mean by this? Well, for example, most people who need therapy have some sort of historical issue, some sort of trigger that causes them to be in a place where they may need help. These historical issues can then trigger anxieties, perhaps you can’t get out of bed some days, perhaps you get anxious in certain situations, perhaps you just can’t cope with places or crowds? And then, lastly, it’s pain. Headaches, migraines, IBS, stomach upset, leg pain, any kind of pain that just doesn’t seem to be resolved with pills. How can I help?? Imagine you could see someone who could provide you with counselling, talking therapy to help you with that historical issue, then that same person could help you with your daily anxiety by helping you with some CBT - giving you tips and homework to help you manage your stress levels when they are at their peak. And how about some clinical reflexology or Reiki or an Indian Head Massage to ease those aches, pains, or internal issues?

If that all seems a bit much, then don’t worry, all of my services can be broken down to individual treatments too!! Just want a nice relaxing Indian Head Massage? No problem. Clinical Reflexology can help in its own right in dealing with all sorts of illnesses and ailments and Reiki is great for rebalancing. Whatever you need, whatever your issue and whatever your reason, I want to be there helping you every step of the way.

Ready to find out more?